The Jersey shore around July 4th. 

Happy birthday, America.  We are just at July 1st and the shore is already hopping.  Drew and girlfriend, Alice Regan, were here this week for 3 nights and a very enjoyable time was had by all.  They beached it a couple of times, 9 holes of golf at Wildwood Golf Club, hotly contested Monopoly game, good meals, a really wet ride in YOHO! to see the twins – Garrett, the Skipper, and Justin, the hiker-outer in their 420.

See Justin reaching for the finish line here coming in 2nd in the first race.  They were 2nd again in the only other race they contested, since the small craft advisory flag was hoisted.  Bravo!
Can you look any more relaxed than this, when you are hanging by a line and hoping your feet don’t slip off the hull.
Not a great shot of Drew and Alice, but a demonstration of wet hair as they rode in the bow of the boat most of the time we were going out to the race.  Sorry about the waves breaking on Cindy’s head, too.
Drew can hit the ball a country mile and his form is impeccable.
The old man’s form needs some adjustment, but the score after nine found him “one up”.

The new condo is decorated for the holiday with some bunting from Paradise Bay house (is that from the Staffords?)

We are still loving our view and the birds on Ring Island.

As we walk back over the draw bridge out of Stone Harbor, we can see our condo complex up there ahead.

And, here’s our building B from the water side…you can see our bunting kind of askew in the southerly breeze.


And, as a landmark, we live across the street from the world’s largest telephone pole; it’s right on Stone Harbor Blvd. just before the Marina.

See it there on the left side?

Game time.

Here’s the Monopoly board and contestants…Cindy and Nancy were onlookers for this night. Justin is gesturing something about his real estate holdings.  I went bankrupt early and Drew was the clear winner….something that hardly ever happens in this game.

The crescent moon graced the western skies some nights this past week.


The new moon and full moon make the tides more dramatic.  Low has been really low.

The view from our deck back to Stone Harbor’s bayfront houses around 102nd to 103rd Streets.

The boys have traded the use of a fast Seadoo for their expertise at polishing and cleaning it….and it’s kept at their Dad’s dock.  Doctor Martin Wilson likes clean toys.

Do they take turns driving?

And, here’s Mom, Cindy, coming by on a much more sedate watercraft…it’s great for the “core”, too.

Nice balance, Cindy.

We were getting ready for the addition of a backsplash above the kitchen counter this week, too.  But the tile came in the wrong color and we are “back to the drawing boards” on this job…one of the last few minor issues to be completed.

We had the good fortune of having a guided tour of Craig Boyd’s son’s house…the last one to be built in the “high dunes” section of Avalon along 2nd Ave./Dune Drive.  It’s a spectacular design, well-crafted and the views and privacy are both “world class”.

Here’s a view of the exterior from the pool area.
That’s the beach and the Atlantic Ocean down past the pool and the “forest” area of the dunes.
Another angle.

The finishing is as good as I have seen in my day (which may have included 15,000 houses).  Brandywine Construction did a great job as well as a local architect from the Oliveri office.

This stairway is exquisite.

We did some more YOHO! boating…and went by the old place on Paradise Bay….no regrets…it’s in a great spot.  We love our new care-free condo with the “better” view.

The guy who put up the flagpole in the middle of the bay has now installed a solar collector and a night light.  His Wounded Warrior flag is another addition this year.


For the Fourth, we awoke to the guy trying to put up the “giant” flag to welcome the holiday….he must have stolen/borrowed it from a car dealer off-shore.

You can see him struggling with this new one.  (He took it down on the Fifth.

The family has gathered at the shore for the Fourth holiday for many years.  (We bought the house on Paradise Bay in 1987.)  In 2004, we began a new tradition…going to the fireworks and food buffet at the Stone Harbor Golf Club off of Route 9 in Cape May Court House.  Great food, patriotic and dance music from a real band, friends to chat up and a long, grand fireworks display.  This year, it took place on Monday, the 3rd.

SHGC BBQ and fireworks 2017 (9)
OK…it’s Garrett (L) and Justin (R).

The sights and sounds are an annual treat.  We missed the Amy Roach family and the Colorado Roachs as well this year…but we had nice visits with almost 10 in the Hanna family from Pittsburgh and a dozen or so of Patricia Boyd’s kids and grands as well as hubby, Craig Boyd, of Avalon and Naples, FL.

I wonder if you can see this quick little video on the blog…I think it has worked before.

Here are some individual shots…the one is funny, since Cindy doesn’t get in many shots because she is organizing us for the “perfect pose”.

We enjoyed having Christy spend some time in our “new” guest room and just hanging out for a couple of days in between fine dining and fireworks.  Our walks in the AM to the beach are about the same length, but our trip to “downtown” is 200 yards vs. a mile before.  We enjoy that access and don’t need lots of quarters, since we have no car to park…just our walking shoes.  Breakfasts are at our new favorite the Fishin’ Pier Grille on  97th St. & 3rd Ave.  The water tower is still guarding the town and Hoy’s is holding down their traditional spot on 96th Street.  The Harbor Movie Theater is really an anchor for the town along with “The Reeds at Shelter Haven” where we enjoyed our 2nd honeymoon in early May this year as we were moving to the condo.  (We had a 1st sort of honeymoon about 2 months after our 2/15/64 marriage in Elkton, Maryland at the old Shelter Haven…when it was a two-bit motel.)IMG_2126

The Reeds is at the main corner in town and has added a missing ingredient…a high-end, small hotel to the town.  Employment year-round, weddings almost every weekend, a waterside bar and a fancy dining spot complete the picture.
The 5 & 10 store and proud to be one.  There’s still a Hoys for Toys in Avalon about 5 miles away.

So, I’ll let Justin’s wave be the “goodbye for now” signal for the blog.  And, I will say that I miss my garden at Paradise Bay.  I won’t show the photos, but I will include a shot of my Basil seeds almost sprouting in my condo window.  (I may go out and buy some pots and plants for my deck today).

All the best for the summer where you are…let the games begin now that the Fourth for 2017 is in the history books.



Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (1 in college/1 working). We are helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education. Helping to lead Captiva's Chapel by the Sea.


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