Flat Chip…Top Ten list

Amy’s caper with the photos of my head has been so much a part of this birthday trip.

The subject and the author.
I have to go ahead and show you some of the entries here.  Now, there have been 68 people responding so far and some of them went to as many as 7 places with Flat Chip…bless you all.  So, if you’re not here, please don’t think I don’t love you; it’s just a space thing…people read a blog, I find, because they are really only wanting to read comic books, but they’re not available any more.

Susie Lichtman Jewish Chip
First, an announcement…I did my DNA and found out recently that I’m 30% Irish (as expected), but also 13% Ashkenazi Jew.  So, Susie and Paul Lichtman have submitted their entry with appropriate attire.  A future blog may cover my Bar Mitzvah.
My very good friends and frequent traveling companions, the Staffords, live near my son, Mike, in the Rockies outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  They went many places to bring me to some of my favorite places there.

Butch & Louise Steamboat Pig
The front of the F.M. Light Western Store downtown features this full-size horse.  I have never gotten a leg up on this beast, but it’s one of my favorite spots in town.
Butch & Louise Steamboat mountain
The Yampa River runs through downtown Steamboat after starting in the Flattops out near Mike’s house, 20 miles south of town.  In the springtime, it’s running full and we are prevented from rafting for safety reasons.  I’m sure Louise would have been in a raft for this shot, if they had let her do her thing this day.
Butch & Louise Library
Butch lives 20 miles north of town in Clark, CO.  The biggest sight in that area is Hahn’s Peak…I’m guessing it’s 12,000 feet high.  See the snow on top of my head…maybe another brand of yarmulke, eh?
Then, there’s my cousin, Diane Gimber, and her man DJ…creative genius lives in Colorado, I guess.  They are in Centennial, south of Denver and do lots of healthy stuff like spinning classes and hikes.  And, well, so do I now.  That one place (top right)  is part of my new health regime, too, I guess.

Our family chiropractor, Dr. Danielle Gray, is a good friend by now…she fixed my back!     I didn’t realize how close we had become until I went into the Cryosauna machine with her and, then, was resting in her relaxing room later.  (Doesn’t she look to be enjoying this new part of our relationship?)

Tim, Cindy, Garrett (L) and Justin (R) Roach have been celebrating our two birthdays for over a month now…before we went to Ireland, while we were there (through the magic of Flat Chip) and a big dinner this Saturday night at the shore again.

Roach family on beach
These lifeguard stand shots are a family tradition for us.
Christy Roach Mabel
Christy, my Sister, had me walking her dog…nice dog, Mabel.  Looks like I brushed her, too.
Here’s Tim Clayton, Amy’s son.  He lives in central Colorado – Gunnison, near Crested Butte ski area.

Tim Clayton & Bentley on Kebler CB
Tim’s planning to climb one of the “14’er” mountains…is that one behind him?  Snow in June.
Boyhood memories.

Connie Carlson Gladwyne 2
Back to my roots at the playground.  I moved there when I was 12 and spent many hours at this field…tennis, basketball, organized baseball and, almost every day all summer, remember “workies-up”?  Thanks for the memories to Connie Carlson, a high school friend, and a long-time resident of  Youngsford Road.
Neighbors in Sanibel on Lighthouse Way took a fling with my head, too.  Toni Shannon wrapped me in a nice towel after I took a dip in my hot tub.  Then, the Scott’s (Craig and Susan, who just bought the lot next door to us) planted me on my own mailbox.

Next is Stone Harbor, NJ.

Carol & Rich Redeker 1
Martini drinker is Rich Redeker.  Slainte (Irish) from my old neighbor and new neighbor (he talked us into selling our house near he and his wife, Carol, and buying in the same condo at Harbor Landing.  Nice view!  See Stone Harbor in the background.  They can’t see us.
Carol & Bob with Chip marching
I confided in Carol and Bob Bergen that I was upset with the government, too, and might be joining them in a protest march somewhere.  Well, damn, here I am.  Thanks, guys.
I KNOW, I KNOW….IT’S MORE THAN TEN….but, aren’t they great?  A few more.

More family here.  Ed Sorensen, former secret agent – you can tell, since he drinks martinis (shaken; not stirred) and he’s whispering a secret in my ear.  Are you a vampire, too?  Try reading his newly published novel – The Purloined Pint – on Amazon.

Now, some high school folks (Nancy’s class first).  Here is Max McFarlin, pretending to be a golfer (like me) at Bobby Jones’ grave.  I hope you didn’t drive all the way to Augusta from your home in Conyers, GA.  And, Muff, his wife, has put duct tape over my mouth and hers, since we planned to visit with them this Abbey, where you couldn’t speak.  Impossible….for Muff and me.

More Harriton people….Midge Hesse Barker took me to a beach.  Lexie and Bill Bickell made me a dummy at Ocean City….but gave me an awesome view from their deck.

Harriton again…Maynard and Jane bought a house from me in 197? and took me back to “The Grange” to visit.  Then, the picture of our rental house in Sanibel, where they were happy tenants for 5 years.  They bought a place near us and we enjoy their company all the winter season.

My class in High School included one Mr. Joe Miller, who now lives near us in Florida with the lovely Marilyn and has an outdoor shower at his home in New Buffalo, MI (the Hamptons of the Midwest)….I took a shower up north.Joe & Maralyn Miller

Rosemont College…the board has many stories to tell.  But we won’t.  On the left, former President – Ofelia Garcia – finally crowns me with a faculty graduation cap and Sister Pat Phillips shows me around her TV studio in LA.  Amazing ladies.

Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen runs the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization in Philadelphia and surroundings.  He is a masterful leader in the not-for-profit world.  And, a commanding speaker and imposing (6’7″) figure.
Kris and Jerry Strid mixed me some drinks and planted me in his master-gardener bed beside the pool.

Their daughter, Stefanie Strid Davis, gave me a smooch…thanks, Stef.Kris Strid Steph kissing Uncle Chip

Jim and Kathy Fox must have had some professional help for these captions…is it a 12 year old grandchild?  And, another outhouse….but a nice reference to my hole-in-one.

I made it to Steve Shreiners tree-climbing crew…finally after all these years of yearning to fly through the treetops with Steve.

Steve Shreiner

Sally Fox McDonald is Butch’s sister….her husband, Rich, and Daughter, Julie, go to see Sally’s grandson play lacrosse for Conestoga HS.  I got to go, too.Sallie & Family & Chip at the Conestoga Boys Lax game

Here are people from all sorts of places in my life…on the left is Cynthia Roberts of Fox & Roach Realtors along with Romany – the wonderful manager of Le Pain Quotedien, our favorite restaurant in Wayne and Janet Dreher (who’s sister, Midge, you met earlier in the blog).  Janet lives at Pembroke North Condos with us.  On the right is Helen Gleason of Fox & Roach and Pembroke North Condo (she’s the VP) alongside Phyllis Fleming, one of the longest-serving members of the Fox & Roach staff…and a great friend of Bob & Charley Roach’s.

My friend from Sanibel (and Atlanta), Tim O’Neill (he also graduated from Notre Dame in 1966 and had his first child, as we did (right, Amy?) before graduation.

Tim O'Neill ND
Tim reports that I’m not as old as this car in his collection.
So, someone had to do it…Vinnie Farren must be the culprit, right Vin?Vinnie 3 Roaches

As a windup, here’s the lovely Lady Di (married to Vinnie) with a more appropriate gesture of friendship.Vinnie & Diane Kisses

I will rest my case right there and add my enormous thanks to all of you as you have humored Amy in her game and honored me.  Love to all.









Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (1 in college/1 working). We are helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education. Helping to lead Captiva's Chapel by the Sea.


  • Great compilation!!very fun and creative for sure. You’ve been busy. Hope your enjoying this beautiful evening in the bay down the street! Love ya


  • to special!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me know when you are back on sanibel. i’m off to mn. on july 9th till perhaps oct 1. tommy’s memorial service in february. sending you and precious nancy much love. traveling mercies. xxxoooxxx sandy

    On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 7:16 PM, Chip Roach’s Journal wrote:

    > chiproach posted: “Amy’s caper with the photos of my head has been so much > a part of this birthday trip. I have to go ahead and show you some of the > entries here. Now, there have been 68 people responding so far and some of > them went to as many as 7 places with Flat Chi” >


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