Last full day in Ireland…Friday 6/16/17.

We began the morning in the Cashel House…it is a winner of a place. Great dinner last night and wonderful room for breakfast…at the same table with the same cute waitress, Kristin….Sky wanted to bring her home with us.

An old country house from the mid-20th Century and the same family running it for 50 years.  Guests have included the PM of England and the President of France.  Gardens are terrific and it has that old-time flavor that we love.

Ray, the GM, appeared from “the back” to greet us at the front desk.

All of our rooms had a “lower level” room overlooking gardens….less than 250 Euros per night…seems like a steal.

We packed up the van, Mike our driver, and headed to lunch at Ballyvaughan on the sea…down in County Clare, where the kids’ visit began last week.

First, stop at Traught Beach to fly the kites that Mike and Sky had brought as birthday presents.  What a great place.

At the edge of the beach, there appeared to be an old abbey….and some fine looking cows.

And when we got back in the van, a new driver was trying to take over…it’s the Flat Chip again…from the Amy birthday caper.

We headed for lunch at the Ballyvaughan Pier…Monk’s Pub was the real destination.  Along the way more scenery intrudes along with some really skinny roads.

At the pier, we run into a new way to keep your sailboat from lying on its side in the low-tide part of each day.  There are a couple of keels and a rudder, which all manage to keep the boat on the level at low tide…never saw anything like this.  Nancy Kennedy…do you have this in Maine?  The tides are about the same 10-12 feet from low to high.

The water turned into some Caribbean look-alike (first time this week we had seen this) and the seaweed was hiding some beautiful flowers, too.DSC_4282

Donkeys had dotted our landscape all week along the byways and here they were again, grazing along the sea.DSC_4276

And, in the men’s room at Monks, we run into some “normal” Irish humor….my apologies to you, if you have delicate sensitivities.IMG_1910

So, we finished up the night at a Park Inn by Radisson right at the airport in Shannon to facilitate our early check in for the 11:30 flight to Philly tomorrow.  Good night from Flat Chip who happened to find his way to our room.DSC_4306


Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (1 in college/1 working). We are helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education. Helping to lead Captiva's Chapel by the Sea.


  • Still looks like it would be warmer in Steamboat, CO. You guys had a ball! Safe travel home!


    • Bill…thanks for following us. Ireland travel can be a mixture of weather. Our week was chilly and wet, but we didn’t miss one minute of outdoor activity. And, the youngsters climbed mountain and slogged bogs almost every day. This upcoming week the forecast is for sunny and 70 most days…oh, well.


  • Loved following your travel adventure. Pictures were wonderful, we felt like we were there with you. Safe travels home!


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