Back to our “Rockies’ home” in Oak Creek…south of Steamboat Springs, CO.

So, here’s a new way to catch up with our trip.  Let me know if you like this “iMovie” style.  I have uploaded a bunch of photos to this new facet of the iPhone’s repertoire of dealing with images.

We left Boulder (and Drew) on Saturday with the Staffords to drive to Mike Roach’s house in Oak Creek, CO.  We have an apartment over their garage with our clothes and gear it’s our “home” in the Rockies.  The Staffords are dear friends (like godparents to all of our kids and grandchildren) and they live for most of the year about an hour north of Mike, Sky and Eli (the 16-year old, only granddaughter) in Clark, CO.

We have never experienced Estes Park, CO and the Rocky Mountain National Park, which starts there.  So, we drove north from Boulder, stopped at the Stanley Hotel (a 1908 “haunted” and grand old wooden 5-star place) in Estes Park.  Then, we did a 2 hour drive through the Park up to about 12, 000 feet and over the Continental Divide.  Along the way, we had sightings of Elk and free-range cattle on the road and some glaciers in August.  Butch is pointing out the headwaters of the Colorado River, which eventually includes the Grand Canyon and provides water for over 45 million people.

We lunched at one of their favorite cross-country ski resorts – The Devil’s Thumb Ranch – then arrived at Oak Creek for one of Sky’s famous dinners.  At their house, we met Mark Stepp, Mike’s partner and the grower in the marijuana business called Park Range Recreationals.  We initiated Mark into the Charley Roach “Gibson Up” cult by having one of those gin drinks with olives and onions, which Charley loved to order.

You’ll see our view of Blacktail Mountain (9,000 feet) looming over the 800 acre Stagecoach Reservoir from their perch near Young’s Peak.  We show you a hike up and around Young’s Peak the Tucker and Gipper (our canine escorts who keep the bears and Elk away from us) then back to take a look at the house.

Then on to Oak Creek to visit the dispensary on Sunday morning.  You’ll see the place inside and out, including one of five “grow rooms” with real weed about ready for the clipping/harvest.  An exhausted Tucker lies on the floor at the end of the little more than 1 minute, 25 second video.  Enjoy.



Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (1 in college/1 working). We are helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education. Helping to lead Captiva's Chapel by the Sea.


  • Awesome. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words, or in today’s lingo, an imovie is worth a thousand words.”


  • We like the new photo format a lot. The Rockies look great, so does the dispensary. Glad everything is going so well! Dick and Linda


  • You got all artsy on us there, didn’t you dear friend? Speaking for myself, I prefer your blog with photos. That way I can look at each picture at my own speed. In the iMovie, I got the feeling I was missing out on parts of some of the clips (ie, I would’ve spent more time admiring those 3 men holding their martinis…and I couldn’t quite see exactly what it was Nancy purchased at the dispensary.)😳


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