Wednesday, August 10…warm & humid…we can embrace it.

The forecast said rain, when we were on our way to dinner at the Scott’s last night…we took our umbrellas and the little jitney bus, but never saw a drop.  It did do some lightning, thunder and rain last night, but looks fresh out there now and the sun came up right on time.

A fascinating crowd at Susan and Craig’s last night…the lady who does the statues (Kirsten); Susan’s dancing partner (Tibor), some neighbors, the Yoga lady, Sanibel/Captiva folks and us..all dining from a buffet and sitting down on two of the outdoor porches and their living room.  Very comfortable, interesting and delicious.
Kirsten makes her statues in nearby Mayville, NY and in Gainesville, FL in the winter.  Her partner, Kate, is a massage therapist in both places.  No photos taken…should have taken the time to do that.

Morning schedule today….Staffords and Nancy headed to a 9AM presentation on Anti-Semitism at the Chabad Jewish House;  Schuberts and I are going to hear Rev. Long again…he’s talking about “Learning to Squint” today…intrigues us.  And, we learned it…very helpful in overlooking rough edges.

Donna goes to get some coffee and John heads backstage to ask some questions of the Pastor.  The big guy (Rev. Long in blue) is busy, so John gets the local Presbyterian pastor from Jamestown to “tell me about your theology”.

We then all hit the main speaker – a Nobel prize winner in genetics, named Randy Shekman.

Here’s a little film from my new iPhone…shows the crowd at 10:45 (who really bustle into the Amp) vs. the church crowd (who amble).

Our speaker is from UC-Berkeley and is here for just a day from Belgium….see how important the invitation can be.  Genetic engineering explained with a few too many big words for me, but John liked him (and may have understood him, too).

Your DNA will be like a Chinese menu…one from Column A; one from Column B.

It’s pretty exciting stuff when you can see the advances in science’s ability to “change” and “fix” genes.  Scary, too.

Afternoon program…A quick lunch at another “roadside stand”.


We gather to listen to a review of the book “Being Mortal” that some of us have enjoyed.  Very thought-provoking information and a delightful outdoors venue for the presentation.


That’s Alumni Hall in the background; home of the Chautauqua Scientific and Literary Circle.  Each year has a theme, including Susan Scott’s 2010 Class (and, surprise, she had a major role in depicting their theme on a banner).

Mid-Afternoon today….seems to be involving naps.

Remember last night…did you stay up to watch the big guy get his 21st Gold Medal and those adorable young ladies run away with the Team Gold Medal in Gymnastics?  How about Mrs. Karolyi?  They should have her speaking at Chautauqua next year…how do you do what she has done in the past 16 years?  That’s an Olympic effort, backed with skills, ability and persistence…to say nothing of LOVE.


Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (2 in college). Helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education.

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  • Good stuff Chip,

    Each day brings back familiar scenes – and memories – of our last two years there. Thanks!

    Meanwhile, it’s equally enriching but very different here in Vermont. Elizabeth +3 are visiting for four days, band concert Sunday night, bluegrass concert and picnic tonight, lots of lake sports plus three days of “quarry jumping” at old Dorset marble digs, Whew! Taillights tomorrow, then recovery…

    Going to hear David Sanger, NY Times, (no relation to Candy) – “A Raucous Election. A World Afire” – Sunday in Weston. It will be our own dose of intellectual stimulation; a bit of Chautauqua comes to Vermont 🙂

    Miss you guys…

    Dennis & Blair


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