Thoughts as we rejoin you in person & real soon.

“Thankfulness sets in motion a chain reaction that transforms all around us, including ourselves.  For no one ever misunderstands the melody of a grateful heart.  Its message is universal, its lyrics transcend all earthly barriers, its music touches the heavens.”  Author Unknown.

We have been truly blessed to be able to accomplish a trip like the one we are just ending.  Thankfulness is with us each moment as we asked questions like:  Which was your favorite moment?, How about the best place?, Would you like to go back there?, Who were your favorite people?, Best food?…and that favorite of all…Where next and with whom and When?

Sunshine in Ireland is a blessing that we received today…fair weather clouds, warmth of the rays as we walked around Antrim town and drove to the airport hotel in Belfast.  So green here.  Just as they say, “You don’t have a rainbow without having the rain”; you don’t have Ireland’s green without it…or Scotland’s either.  

How about if we give you lots of photos we have skipped which express our appreciation for these countries and the people we have enjoyed?

You’ve seen Amy & Michael Brock’s engagement smiles before, but it’s still our highlight.Image

And, Tim was missing, but here’s our “Charley Roach, Gibson’s Up” toast at the Loch Ness Country House.ImageIn Scotland, we thought that the yellow crop was  “grape seed”, but now we think it is “rapeseed” instead. Do any of you know for sure, which it is?  The barley is in the near field and they use that for whisky.ImageRemember the shepherd?  Here’s him running after one of the sheep…like a dog.ImageDid we show you the Highland Cattle?  Only in Scotland.  Hairy beasts, but photogenic.ImageWe walked all day beside Scotland’s 60 mile long Caledonian Canal and this is one of the locks we passed by…just one of the 30 on the way from the North Sea to the Loch above Glasgow.ImageSt. Giles Church on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh has a small room that the Queen visits when she installs a new one of the 16 members of the Order of the Thistle.  Each member has a seat and one for the monarch.  One of the most intriguing places we saw on our trip.ImageMany chances to explore beaches.  Here are Nancy’s treasures from the Isle of Eriska’s shoreline of their Loch above the town of Oban.ImageHere’s the inside of the Abbey on Iona. They rebuilt it in the 1980’s, but stayed faithful to the original design of the 1700’s and they use it incessantly – morning and night – for services.ImageHere a truly scenic spot, when we stopped for a moment on the harrowing drive down the single track road on the Isle of Mull.  We were much more relaxed on the way back from Iona to the ferry at Craignure.ImageCars.  Here’s our Kia from Ireland.  Smaller than we are used to in the States and smaller than our comfortable Audi A4 from Scotland.  But, a great size for me.  I think we went through stages – confusion to confidence – in our driving around the “drive on the left” UK.  A few more days and I might have gotten cocky enough to let loose of one of my hands gripping the wheel.ImageYes, that was sunshine glinting off of the Kia’s chrome.  Ireland and sunshine have been an elusive combination, so here’s a fluffy cloud view with blue sky to prove that we saw it.ImageAnd, here’s one last look at our favorite scenery…the mountains in the Scottish Highlands.ImageThanks for traveling with us. It’s great to be able to have you along.  Love to all.  Chip & Nancy


Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (1 in college/1 working). We are helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education. Helping to lead Captiva's Chapel by the Sea.


  • Bravo! Great pictures and wonderful sentiments. I’ve been giving “great” and “wonderful” a bit of overwork lately… I should be inspired to a wider variety of superlatives, since I’ve enjoyed this journey so much! And yes, it’s rapeseed that they make canola oil from… I never knew before your pictures that it made such beautiful fields!! See you soon! Love, Christy


    • Thanks, Christy, for the seed confirmation. They have fields growing all over Scotland…very few in Northern Ireland. Here’s another view.


  • Ditto on Christy’s rapeseed comment. I was mis-identifying it as “rape seed” in our blog. The fields are beautiful when in bloom…


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