Family thanks

The Scottish birthday just last night, was really quite a show.  You kids who planned the whole event, you really have to know…

That I love you lots and always will…the future looks so bright.  Your Mom & I are really proud; you’re all a pure delight.

You’re home right now, back with your kids.  We know that’s right for you.  But our day today without your smiles; well, you know we’re kind of blue.

But, resiliency is what we know, you’ve all learned that in life.  So, we got a guide and went right out, Seven-Oh (almost) and his lovely wife.

As the Scots do say, a “brilliant” day out in the countryside..and in Edinburgh we fit right in; hand in hand and side by side.

So, joy will be to you and us as we go our separate ways; both knowing that with all our hearts, we loved those seven days.  

Thanks so much.

Another two castle notches on our belts today…both the Linlithgow and the Stirling go back to the 1500’s and James V was born in the 1st and built the 2nd for his family in Stirling…just recently restored.  Mary, Queen of Scots (our new favorite) was born in Stirling.

Here’s Linlithgow first and Stirling 2nd.



Our last foray was to a crazy water wheel that lowers boats 60 feet in 10s minutes, rather than the six locks and 90 minutes it used to take to go from one canal to the other outside of Edinburgh.  These Scots and lovely engineers…there’s no other wheel like this one at Falkirk.  Two photos of the process as it unfolded…or, should we say, revolved.



Lifelong Philadelphia area Realtor. Now a 13-year citizen of Sanibel, Florida. Married to Nancy for 54 years. Three children (2 in Devon; 1 in Steamboat Springs, CO) and 5 grandkids (2 in college). Helping with charities involving poverty, kids and education.

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